The Graduate Program of Psychology (Doctoral) adopted its learning outcomes from the Indonesian national standard of higher education. The program consists courses to support students in achieving Level 9 of the Indonesian Qualification Framework (KKNI). It has three domains of competency, i.e., knowledge, attitude, and skill. The projected time to complete the degree is 8 to 14 semesters, consisting total of 42 semester credit hour (SCH), ended in a doctoral degree (Dr.). The prospective students should hold a bachelor degree of psychology and master degree from any related discipline.

Mandatory CoursesSemesterSCH
1. Doctorate Program Qualification
Research method12
Philosophy of Science and Research Ethics12
Advanced statistics12
Psychological measurement construction12
Academic Writing12
Independent course12
2. Scientific Publication
International Publication3-89
3. Dissertation
Research Proposal25
Research Result Seminar3-86
Dissertation Review3-85
Dissertation Defense3-85


Directions from the Head of the Doctoral Psychology Study Program:
  • Educational Philosophy of Doctor by Research Study Program.
  • Timely Study Completion Strategy.
Sharing session with alumni and seniors:
  • Adaptation and self-regulation in studies in Psychology Study Program – S3.
  • How to get scholarship opportunities from Dikti or other companies/institutions

Strengthening Research Capability and Dissertation Writing is given for 1.5 months with the following materials:

  • Science philosophy.
  • Advanced Statistics for Dissertation Research.
  • Quantitative Research Methodology.
  • Qualitative Research Methodology.
  • Preparation of Psychological Measurement Tools
  • Literature Review and Use of Mendeley
  • Research Ethics.

Psychology Material Enrichment

  • Students attend lectures in Psychology Study Program – Masters or other Study Programs at Unpad and attend workshops/seminars at home and abroad on certain topics as suggested by the Promoter Team and held by Psychology Study Program – Doctoral Program, Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Padjadjaran

Research Proposal Writing Materials for Dissertations and Manuscript Writing for International Publications were provided by Professors from Vrije Universiteit Netherland.


  • Doctoral Psychology Study Program
  • Oriented to a biopsychosocial, experimental, quantitative-qualitative approach and modeling for the development of science.
  • The nature of the Study Program is Doctor by Research which focuses on research activities that produce many scientific articles published at national and international levels (at least 1 research article is accepted in an International journal indexed by Scopus Q3 or equivalent)
  • The “curriculum” balances theory development and application/practice in the field.
  • Guided by senior lecturers (Professor/Professor and Doctoral/PhD) who have extensive research and practice experience in Psychology in the field.
  • Currently, the Study Program is pioneering the Dual Degree Program which is a collaboration between the Psychology Study Program – S3 with Maastricht University in the Netherlands, Kebangsaan University in Malaysia and Sarawak University in Malaysia. This program starts at the class of 2019 students.