Profile of Graduates of the Psychology Study Program at the Doctoral Level, Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Padjadjaran


Graduates can become professional educators and scientists in their fields by utilizing the knowledge and principles of psychology according to their main task.


Graduates can develop knowledge in the field of psychology that is inter and multidisciplinary, in the context of developing knowledge and gaining recognition through scientific publications in the national or international scope.


Graduates can lead in research development, can manage psychological research that is inter and multidisciplinary, in the context of developing knowledge and gain recognition through scientific publications in national or international scope.

Graduate Testimonials

“During school at the Doctoral Program of the Faculty of Psychology Unpad, the Professors as promoters have mastery of abilities according to the topic, are willing to give attention, guidance wherever they are. He is very knowledgeable, gives new ideas, new ideas.”

– Dr. Arief Budiarto, DESS, Psychologist. Kadispsiad ( 2016-2018) Head of IKAPsi for the period 2020-2022

 “I believe because the Doctoral Program at the Faculty of Psychology Unpad has the best experience and reputation. I had the opportunity to do research together with the promoter and succeeded in sending the research results to international conferences and was selected as the Best Paper. I also get strong support from the promoter team so that I can graduate on time and Cum Laude”

– Dr. Retno Pangestuti, M. Psi., Psychologist. Head of Islamic Psychology Study Program, IAIN Surakarta; Founder and Psychologist at Surakarta Psychology House

“Lots of experience during college, guided by promoters who are qualified in their fields. The promoter is very dedicated and pays great attention to his students”

– Dr. Meilani Rohinsa M.Psi, Lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology, Maranatha Christian University.