To become a leading, excellent and international standard education provider for Doctor of Psychology in 2026 in the development of psychological theories and their application to human welfare.

Leading means being a study program that prioritizes the development of knowledge related to the psychological well-being of the Indonesian people.

Superior means building superior accredited management that is nationally recognized.

International standard means creating internationally accredited management and producing scientific publications that are recognized in the international academic community.


  1. Carry out a learning process that has scientific, contextual, interactive, holistic characteristics and is oriented to the development of critical thinking and independence in action.
  2. Develop a learning process that prioritizes research in the context of developing mono or multi-disciplinary psychology that is open, innovative, sustainable which is beneficial for the welfare of mankind and the competitiveness of the nation.
  3. Develop activities that are oriented towards the research process and the utilization of research results in psychology in order to improve the welfare of mankind.
  4. Develop institutional cooperation both nationally and internationally in the context of developing learning processes, research activities and on a national and international scale in order to improve the quality of learning, research quality, and community service.
  5. Produce a doctorate in psychology that has integrity and authority that is recognized nationally and internationally and develops the application of science for human welfare based on the principles of psychology and research ethics.


Psychology is the science that studies human behavior and the mental processes that underlie it. In studying human behavior and developing models of human behavior, psychology education at the doctoral level at Padjadjaran University emphasizes efforts to conduct comprehensive research in the context of developing psychology and its application to human welfare.



  1. Able to develop or find new theories, concepts or models about human behavior through research
  2. Able to lead, and organize research activities according to scientific principles
  3. Able to carry out psychological research by including other scientific approaches and the latest technology
  4. Able to apply research results for human welfare